2007 Special Projects
We Are Proud To Have Been Selected To Provide Security 
For Some of History’s the Most Important Documents

Documents of freedom. Documents that symbolize courage. Documents that record some of the most important thoughts of all time. Documents that help us learn about ourselves and our past. They are important. They are fragile. They are irreplaceable. 

When they absolutely had to return home in the same condition they arrived, they chose
Architect’s Security Group. Inc.  Museum Security Consultants
to protect them.

The Magna Carta - Dunlop’s Broadside of the Declaration of Independence - The First Draft of the U.S. Constitution - The Emancipation Proclamation - The Dead Sea Scrolls

2008 Special Project
The Gettysburg Address

This year we proudly provided security for the draft of the Gettysburg Address which is located in the Rare Book Library of a major Ivy League University.

When it absolutely had to remain safe and secure, they chose
Architect’s Security Group, Inc.  Museum Security Consultants
to protect America’s heritage.

2009 Special Project
The National World War II Museum

When this project is completed it will almost certainly be recognized as one of the greatest museums in the world. Our fathers, the defenders of liberty to which this museum is dedicated, will probably never live to see its completion but we are proud to have been a part of the project to honor them as the Greatest Generation.
Architect’s Security Group, Inc.  Museum Security Consultants

2010--2015 Special Projects
The Smithsonian Institution

The year 2010 thru 2015 are the years of the Smithsonian. We completed the security portion of a historic building report for the historic Arts and Industries Building. We conducted a study regarding the desirability of moving the security command center for the National Museum of Natural History to a new location in the building and we participated in a project in the same building to renovation one wing, build a Learning Center, and replace exterior glass with blast resistant glazing. Next door at the National Museum of American History we participated in a multi-year project to renovate the public portions of the West Wing and provide blast resistant glazing. During the five year period the entire security systems in this major building were to be upgraded based on our fully engineered design. At the Museum Support Center, the massive collection storage and conservation center in Maryland, we worked on a project to better utilize space which resulted in preparation of temporary swing space in preparation for a seven year renovation project. And at the Smithsonian Environmental Resource Center we designed security for the new Mathias Building, a LEED certified facility used for scientific research. We are proud to have been selected to work on these major projects for the Smithsonian Institution.