Putting Us On Your Team

While we prefer that you call us to verify that we wish to be included on your design team when you compete for a project, we understand that the press of business and client demands do not always give our architects much time to assemble a short list presentation package. If for any reason you can’t reach us, we have posted information about our firm and our credentials, including a list of past projects, resumes of principals, and other typical information that is needed to assemble a presentation package. You can download them below.

Note that we are still operating under our original corporate name, too, for a period of time until projects contracted under that company name are completed. If you are competing for a cultural property project please be sure that we are listed on your team as Steve Keller & Associates or that we are listed as Architect’s Security Group, Inc. formerly Steve Keller and Associates. Why?  Because your prospective cultural property client almost certainly knows us under the Steve Keller name due to our international reputation in cultural property security.  For all non-cultural property projects, download the Architect Security Group, Inc. information below. See this important statement regarding corporate entity and insurance.

When you need a proposal from us we can offer you a fixed fee for a defined scope of work with a pre-agreed hourly rate for additional services that you wish to add. We have professional liability and other insurance typically required for major projects. We will need a day or to to provide a proposal but if all you need is the short list materials, feel free to proceed using this material and notify us as soon as practical.

Download what you need for your design team presentation package and reformat as desired. Or, call us sufficiently in advance and we will help by compiling the information for you.  AIA 254 and 255 forms and SF 330 forms are available upon request. We need at least 24 hours notice to update our forms for your specific project.

Selecting Your Architectural Design Team

Attention Architects: If you want us on your team and you need to prepare a short list presentation on short notice and can’t reach us, download the package at the icon on the upper right column “Architect’s Short List Materials”. You may also need our insurance certificate. The short list materials include information about the company, a list of past clients, a more detailed list of past projects, bios of principals, and other material. See our policy on being on multiple design teams for the same project under the icon “Company Policies”. This should get you started.

NoteIf you need to reach us regarding a last minute short list presentation, CALL US, don’t email. If we are hard to reach, this is an unusual situation. We check in for phone messages but when we travel we can’t always get emails in real time. Leave an after hour phone number if your needs are pressing.

Sample Scope of Work For

An Architectural Design Project

For Security Systems


Architect’s Short List Materials

Architect’s Security Group, Inc.

See “Attention Architects” below.

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