Press Support
Press Policy

We would be pleased to provide support and assistance to members of the press and authors but there is a limit to what we can do. Here is a list of things that we cannot do:
 We cannot discuss the level of security or lack thereof at any museum.
We cannot discuss any specific theft from a perspective of critically analyzing deficiencies that contributed to that theft.
We cannot tell you how to break in to a museum. Yes! We are asked this question by novelists and screenwriters about six times per year on average.
We cannot discuss law enforcement methods not commonly known.

We are often asked about general information for background and we will assess each question on a question by question basis. We understand your needs and will try to provide an answer that won’t result in increased vulnerability to the museum community.

We will also be pleased to talk about historic thefts, to share our insight into who is most likely to steal from a museum or gallery (85% of all museum thefts have some “insider” component) and what happens to art once it is stolen. And we will talk about security technology but not in a specific way as it relates to our clients or other museums or thefts specifically. We will speak for background or for quotation only on subjects we have expertise in but we will provide you with a referral to one of our colleagues who we feel may be able to answer your questions. We hope that you understand.

All of our senior consultants travel extensively and we are likely to be out of the office when you call. We have offices in both the Eastern and Pacific time zones so we often can be reached at odd hours. Please don’t email questions that require a quick response as we check email daily but don’t receive it on our desktop on a real time basis. However, if you are a novelist doing research, email is the very best way to reach us and get a more complete answer because we can answer when we are not in a rush.

Reporters on deadline should call our Florida office and ask for Steve Keller. Be sure to tell his assistant that you are a reporter, who you represent, your topic of interest, and whether or not you are on deadline. Steve tries to take press calls when he is available but be prepared to leave a call back number. He won’t return calls unless he has a name, news agency represented, topic and deadline. If he is traveling, our staff will try to reach him or pass your call off to someone, possibly in our Los Angeles office, who can help. We will do our best to reach you before your deadline. Be certain to tell whomever is screening your calls for you to expect a call back because it is not likely that if he is traveling that he can keep trying your number.

Below are links to resources that you may find useful. Feel free to call Steve Keller for specific information.

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