Our “Tools”

How a security engineer handles security system design drawings is important both to the architect and the client. We have developed a process that enables us to work faster, smarter and more accurately.

The photo above is one of our CAD stations. The 42” color LCD monitor allows us to view more of a drawing. The digitizer board speeds up the process of drafting by allowing the operator to pull symbols from the library more effectively. Custom software allows us to generate device schedules that perfectly match the symbols on the plan. There is no chance that something will not appear on a schedule that appears on the plans. And our software allows us to do cost estimations that are amazingly accurate, far more so than commercial cost estimation services.

The security of system drawings maintained in our custody during and after the project is an important subject. We have experienced a major incident where someone tried, unsuccessfully, to hack into our server, presumably to steal alarm, access control and CCTV  system drawing for hundreds of clients. Fortunately we have developed encryption and other computer security measures to store and transmit drawings.

While we do need to maintain some drawings on paper, as soon as practical they are stored only in digital format reducing the cost of plotting and printing and the risk of loss. This avoids liability issues, too.

Blueprint Handling

Video Conferencing

We now have full access to GoToMeeting and can participate in or host video conferences, reducing the need to incur travel costs that are inevitably passed on to the client.

Management Systems

We have been doing this full time for over a quarter century. But that’s not all we have been doing. We are also management consultants and one thing we are very good at is developing management systems that assure an efficient management of the design process at our end. We have over 40 proprietary forms and checklists that document and manage a project from start to finish. You won’t find this level of involvement from many other similar firms. The better we are at managing our part of this process, the easier it is for the architect or engineer we are working with.

Our People

Our people are our greatest resource.  Few firms that do what we do include an architect, an engineer, and several CAD support people. Few have anybody on their staff who also worked in security management. Few have someone with experience in both Federal and local law enforcement.  Few have an expert on staff who is a computer network engineer and a computer security expert. Few are multi-lingual. Few have a specification writer on staff.

In addition to our in-house staff, we have developed strategic alliances with other professionals who can fill in the gaps in our expertise. These include hardware specifier, disaster planner, fire protection engineer, and historic preservationist.


       Steve Keller oversees the destruction of obsolete drawings.

            COMING SOON

We will be able to offer our CAD services in Revit by Summer 2011.