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This site is difficult to navigate for some people so we are providing this navigation page to help you find your way. The site is difficult for several reasons:

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  3. 3.It attempts to meet the needs of every browser type including those of you who insist on still using Internet Explorer in spite of Microsoft’s efforts to make it only work with websites made with their software. It is best viewed using Firefox or Safari. For example, some version of Explorer will not see the navigation menu on the top of every page. For this reason we included a link to the Navigation page at the bottom of each page so you can navigate. For more information, go here.

Not every page in this website (it has over 100 pages including the blogs) can be reached from the menu at the top of the page but many more of them can be reached from this Navigation page. Whenever you get lost in this website you can always go to this Navigation page using the button at the top or bottom of the page then move on from there.

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(A sample of some of our projects so you know what we can do. Download a full client list)

What We Can Do for You

(Service we offer. Associate firms we work with)


(Some of our most frequently requested articles and reprints and other desirable downloads. If you are thinking of hiring us be sure to visit this page and download what you need. This is also the link to our blog gateway. Steve Keller and Steve Swen both have useful blogs.  Also note:  One button on this page will download a set of blueprints we did (in .PDF) for an imaginary museum. Alicia Ricci, our partner and architect designed the City Art Museum as a means of showing you our work product quality. After all, the work we do is secret and we can’t share it with others so we designed our own facility! Check it out.)

Our Principals

(Bios of the key staff including their photos.)

Our Tools

(Here we brag about our offices and modern equipment).

Putting Us On Your Team

If you are thinking of hiring us be sure to visit here and download items. Note that from this page you can download one package of materials in Word format that you can use in your short list presentation. It is likely to fill your needs in a pinch. We will gladly prepare a custom prepared presentation in your format for this purpose but this is provided for those architects who absolutely, positively need it now at the very moment we are all in the air somewhere over North America. (You know who you are!)

Architect’s Support

(If you are an architect in need of a security consultant or security engineer, this is your page although visit the others as well. This page is “architect specific” and is designed to meet your needs).

About Architect’s Security Group, Inc.:

This tells all about us.  (Architect’s: While we will be glad to email you materials you can use to prepare a proposal, if for some reason you can’t reach us before your deadline --which if you are like most firms your deadline is 4 PM today-- you can get everything you need here and elsewhere on this site).

Project List: 

The Client List simply gives the name of each past client. This Project List explains in a bit more detail a representative sample of past major projects so you know what we can do and more importantly can judge how our resume competes in a short list presentation.

Sample Scope of Work

This is another resource for architects and project managers on major projects and gives a sample scope of work we use in most jobs. This gives you an idea of when we need to come into a project and what role we play in each of the design phases. It defines our work product and gives an example of our contract although we will ultimately use a standard AIA Agreement for most jobs involving architects.  Attention Building Owners:  For a scope of work for such things as a security survey, please go to the link below for “RFP”.

Not an Architect? 

This page is addressed to building owners, security managers and others who may think that all we do is work for architects. Not true! We want to work with you too so read this page.


This is an important page but not for most clients.  Over 30 years we have seen many things go wrong on construction or system installation projects. We have developed a system for assuring that things get done right and it involves close contact with your security contractor. This page and a few others that you get to from this page are for the contractor. If you are an architect you may want to check this out. You can get to the “Contractor Checklist”, “Reply Form”, and “Background Check Form” from this page.

Technology Countermeasures

Steve Keller was the first in our profession to voice alarm about how technology is making us less secure. Our practice specializes in neutralizing the high tech threats we face as a result of hackers and computer criminals.


This page discusses the various training services we offer. We no longer own Horizon Institute but we do sell some of their products.

Transit Security

We offer armed and unarmed security escorts including former federal and local law enforcement agents to move shipment of art across the country. We can arrange for the trucks, the escorts, etc. Read about it here.

Pre-Paid Plan

We offer a fantastic deal to clients. It is a three year program for less than $3,000 per year and includes unlimited phone consulting services and a site visit. Read about the Plan and see the contract at this page.


Download a set of the City Art Museum plans from here to see the quality of our work.  You can get to pages called Plans2 and Plans3 which explain and support the set of drawings from this page.

Client List

This is a web page (as opposed to a PDF list) of our past clients.

Company Policies

This explains our policy on short listing. If you are an architect considering adding us to your short list team, read this policy as it discusses our policy on limiting ourselves to just one team.


This page pertains to an annual seminar we host each year with the National Park Service. Since this is done on a year by year basis we never know for certain if it will be held again or not.  What you see much of the time deals with the past seminar but as soon as we earn that the seminar “is a go” for this year, we will post something. This page is primarily for vendors who want to exhibit at the trade show portion of the event.  NPSFAQ can be reached from a link on this page and expands on the NPS page. “Miscellaneous” and “Schedule” are pages reached from here also.


This page is specifically for the National Park Service. It explains our special mini-assessment for smaller National Park Service sites. You reach Mini-Report from this page also.

Phone Consultation

When we do a security survey for your facility you are automatically entitled to a year of free follow up phone consultation. National Park Service sites using the Mini-Assessment service also qualify. This is the fine print that explains that there is no fine print and tells you how to use this valuable service.

Articles and Downloads: 

This is a page that is slowly being integrated into the rest of the site. When we had our old website at this was our most popular page with many hits per day on it. When we renamed the company and opened the new website we ported it over to the new site and are integrating the content. You’ll find it interesting and you may also find it redundant. Some links may not work until the site is fully converted during March 2010.

More Resources:

Surprisingly, we are asked quite frequently for a list of books, videos and articles Steve Keller has written or produced. Quite frankly we lost track but this is the best list we could compile.


This page explains that there are specific standards and guidelines for museum security and security in general. Download a copy of the “Recommended Guidelines for Museum Security Here”.


This explains our insurance coverage and its limitations. If you are just hiring a security consultant for a survey this is somewhat irrelevant. If you are building a new building or are an architect you need to read this page. Get to a copy of our insurance certificate from this page.

Special Announcement: 

Steve Keller won a major award in 2006, one of the highest honors in the museum profession. He was named to the American Association of Museum’s Centennial Honor Roll. Only 100 people have ever been named to this honor. It named the 100 most influential people in the museum profession in the past 100 years. See the announcement here and use it in your short list bio if you are an architect. Get to the AAM Centennial Honor Roll video from this page.


This is a sample Request for Proposal for a security survey. If you want us to do a security survey for you there is no need to submit a RFP to us. This is only a recommended RFP for those clients who must seek a competitive bid for a survey project.  Unfortunately, some competitors don’t understand the issues let alone the solutions so we appreciate it when clients us an RFP so they get an apples-to-apples bid from all who respond to their RFP. This, by the way, is our “standard” scope of work for a survey although we can easily add other items that you want to emphasize.

Training Products:

We sell several training products, mostly videos. See them here and learn how to order.

Special Projects:

Every year for the past several years we have added our “special project”” of the year to this list and provide details.

Press Support:

After every major museum heist or similar incident we get calls from the press asking for comment. we never comment on specific incidents and never on any questions pertaining to clients. But we do provide general background information to the press so that they do have accurate information abut museum security and theft to wrk with. This is the page they can go to to get that information and details on how to reach us for comment.

Museum Security 101 for the Press

You can get to a page called “Elements”, meaning the elements of good museum security, from this page.


Just what it says. Enjoy.


If you are an architect or museum Director you’ll enjoy this page. Everyone wants security to be invisible so we developed (tongue firmly in cheek) invisible detectors, cameras and guards. Find cut sheets for these products here. Enjoy!

Basic Training:

This page describes the “Basic Museum Security Training Program”, a video series we produced and sell. Buy it here.

Policy Manual: 

This page describes the “Museum Security Department Policy Manual”, a policy manual defining a complete security program for a small museum that we produced and sell. It is delivered digitally as both a completed sample manual and templates that you can easily modify and have a complete manual for your security program. Buy it here.

Walk Test Video:

This page describes a video “How To Walk Test Your Burglar Alarm System” that we produced and sell. Buy it here.

Guard’s Role Video:

This page describes a video “Museum Security: The Guard’s Role” which Steve Keller produced for the Art Institute of Chicago the National Endowment for the Arts and the Kress Foundation. It is used by hundreds of museums worldwide. Buy it here.

Reading Blueprints Video:

This page describes our video “How To Read Blueprints” which is part of our technical training program. Buy it here.


This page discusses our guarantee to clients. No one else offers anything lose to this.

Contact Us

How to contact us.

Corporate Information:

Exactly what it says.