Internet Explorer


Web developers worldwide have complained that Microsoft’s Internet Explorer does not comply with standards and will not properly display many pages. Some feel this is a way Microsoft continues its monopoly, by forcing everyone to use their products. Do a Google search and you’ll find sites about this issue.

Some versions of Internet Explorer apparently cannot see the menu bar at the top of each page on this site. To compensate, we have added a Navigation Page and put a link to it at the bottom of each page so you can get back to a page menu from anywhere on our site.

If you can see the Page Menu at the top of this page then this problem does not affect you. If not you’ll have to navigate using the Navigation Page. I’m aware that this diminishes the experience and we are sorry.

All versions of Internet Explorer are less secure than any version of any other browser. For that reason alone you should consider switching to Firefox or Safari.

Explorer has been retired as of March 2015 and we urge you to upgrade. We will see how that product performs in time.