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What is the City Art Museum Project? We created an imaginary museum which we call The City Art Museum. Alicia Ricci, our partner and staff architect, drew detailed drawings of the museum in AutoCAD. We then prepared bid documents including specs and biddable drawings. Drawings include device schedules, detail drawings, engineered rack drawings, a security console design, and other details and attachments. Then, we prepared shop drawings exactly the way we expect contractors to provide them. And then we prepared a detailed policy manual that defines 120 specific security department policies and procedures. This policy manual was prepared digitally in template format. In a future project we will expand the City Art Museum as part of a renovation project--at least we will on paper!

So why all the effort? Until we did this we had nothing to show prospective clients who asked about our work product and quality. We treat every project as confidential so we can’t use a client’s drawings for show and tell. This project gave us something we can freely distribute to prospective clients to shoe the depth of our technical skills and conceptual understanding.

In addition, we use these documents in instructing bidders and contractors as to what we expect from them when they provide shop drawings and record drawings for our projects.  The documents also give us outstanding teaching aids for our seminars. We even designed a few “flaws” into the set of plans to show our architect clients what happens when they include certain common design errors in their projects. And we use them in our training seminars to teach security managers and technicians the concepts of museum security.

The policy manual we prepared serves as an example to museum security managers on what they need to do to have a suitable security department policy manual. The drawings are used to illustrate the concepts behind the policies and since the policies are provided in template format digitally, the manual can be used to prepare a standards compliant policy manual for any museum in about a day.

We intend to expand on the City Art Museum concept by writing the definitive text book on museum security using the materials as a basis. And the upcoming renovation and expansion of the City Art Museum will give us materials to illustrate text book and training materials to guide architects and museum employees on security issues related to construction and renovations in an otherwise occupied museum.

The City Art Museum project is the reason Architect’s Security Group, Inc. and Steve Keller and Associates are used repeatedly by clients satisfied with the comprehensive nature of our services and depth of understand of the needs of our clients.

Photos above: Top photo shows a small museum CCTV console.  Bottom photo shows unobtrusive CCTV cameras in a library rare book reading room. Note the miniature high resolution color cameras measuring just 2” by 3”  mounted on the lighting ledge and viewing the room. We specialize in making security devices unobtrusive if not invisible.