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This page is a wealth of information on museum security and management. It contains a great deal of information that you will find useful if you are trying to learn about cultural property protection. There are other things to learn and download on other pages on this site but this page is the primary depository of information that we offer. Go ahead. Download it all. It’s generally in PDF format but a few items are offered in other formats.

This material is offered for the use of our colleagues in their personal growth process. You may download and print single copies of this material and distribute multiple copies within your organization if it will help you to develop your security program or educate your staff. Please respect the copyright on this material, however. Anything that contains a copyright notice is protected by copyright and further duplication without our permission is not permitted. Please don’t distribute these articles and materials on your or other websites or at seminars or training programs outside your own organization. We will probably grant permission for you to do so if you ask but we do hope that you will ask. If you want to refer others to this website where they can download the items, that’s OK. 

Please retain both the author’s name and the copyright notice on anything you reprint and if the article contains something to the effect “First published in . . “ then that, too, must be included as that is part of our terms with the original publisher of our materials.

Please feel free to call or email us if you have questions or need to broaden your use of our materials in your training programs. We encourage their use and distribution but under controlled conditions that protects our copyright.

Company Materials

Our company materials have moved. Please go to the “Resources” page, the “Client List” page and   our “More Resources” page. 

Sample of our work on a typical design project for a security system.     plans.pdf
Useful to know what our work product looks like. Because we can’t show you a client’s report or plans, we created an imaginary museum called the City Art Museum. These are the blueprints for this “new” “virtual’ museum that include a security system design.

Most Recent White Paper

Steve Keller’s 2007 White Paper on digital CCTV. This is an important article and unless you truly understand digital CCTV, you need to read this.    Click Here For Link
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Our 2008 CD Resource

We did a seminar on digital CCTV. You can still benefit from this program but be advised that technology changes quickly and while we were luke warm on IP addressable cameras in 2009, the cost has fallen and the cameras have improved somewhat so call us if, after viewing this material, you want to know our current opinion of a specific emerging CCTV technology. Check out this excellent resource here:  I’ve done a minimal edit of this paper to update our address etc. If I missed anything important, let me know. We are, of course, no longer a Cultural Property Protection Group company and our name changed from Steve Keller and Associates to Architect’s Security Group, Inc. This item will be fully edited and corrected when it is converted over to our main website. You will be leaving the main website to go to this supplemental site so please come back!

Articles and Useful Materials

“The Architect’s Prized Building May Be Security’s Nightmare”   ArchitectsPrizedBldg.PDF
Paper presented at the Smithsonian’s National Conference on Cultural Property Protection

“Consultant Lite”     ConsultantLite.PDF

Hiring a Security Consultant “Clearing Up Cloudy Skies”      HiringAConsultant.PDF
Cover article, “Security Management” magazine

Landscape Security           LandscapeSecurity.PDF
First published in “Security Management” magazine

A Model Request For Proposal for a Security Survey by a Consultant   Model_RFP_Survey.pdf
Useful if you are planning to hire a consultant by low bid.

Museum Consultants           MuseumConsultants.PDF

Securing Historic Buildings             SecuringHistoricBldgs.PDF
Cover article, “Security Management” magazine

The Security Consultant’s Role in Helping To Select an Access Control System  AccessControl.PDF

Reading Blueprints, An Essential Management Skill          Reading Blueprints.PDF
Paper presented at the Smithsonian’s National Conference on Cultural Property Protection

Learn about the video “Museum Security: the Guard’s Role. It is used in more than a thousand museums and costs very little. Here’s where to buy it.           GuardsRoleVideo.pdf

Sample Rules for Contractors in a museum                  RulesForContractors.PDF

Suggested Guidelines for Museum Security          GuidelinesRev2002.pdf

Protecting Concert Halls           ConcertHalls.PDF

Protecting Corporate Art          Protecting Corporate Art.PDF

Protecting Child Care Facilities          Child Care Facilities.PDF

Sample Security Policy          samplepolicy.pdf
This is a sample of one of the policies from the “Instant Museum Security Department Policy Manual” by Horizon Institute. Use it as an example of the format and style of a policy.

Steve Keller’s Powerpoint slides from his 2006 presentation before the National Museums of Canada annual meeting. The topic is Protecting the City Art Museum: Basic Concepts.                                  cityartmuspowerpt.pdf

A Dozen Things You Can Do To Improve Your Security Program          DozenThings.PDF

Making Big Ticket Purchases                  BigTicketPurchases.PDF

Critical Building Systems You Guards Must Know About           CriticalBldgSvcs List.pdf

Museum Crowd Control               CrowdControl.PDF

Dealing With Disorderly Visitors          DealingwithDisorderly.PDF

Basic Elements of a Good Disaster Plan          DisasterPlanElements.pdf

Guards and Public Relations          GuardsandPublicRelations.PDF

Current Quanderies of Museum Professionals          Quandries.PDF

Sample Rules of Decorum for a Museum          RulesofDecorum.PDF

Some Important Steps In Using Your Security People To Enhance Your Security Image

Taking Advantage of Events             TakingAdvantagEvents.PDF

The Picasso is Missing          PicassoMissing.PDF

Treasures at Risk: Museum Security at Home and Abroad          TreasuresatRisk.PDF
Cover story in Esse Comm, a European security magazine

Understanding Risk           UnderstandingRisk.PDF
Paper presented at the Smithsonian’s National Conference on Cultural Property Protection

Technology: Unlocking The Future for Security Practitioners          UnlockTheFuture.PDF

What Constitutes a Good Security Program          WhatConstitutesProgram.PDF

Collection Storage          CollectionStorage.PDF
Article for a curatorial publication

The Art of Couriership          Couriership.PDF
Paper presented at the Smithsonian’s National Conference on Cultural Property Protection

Adding Pizzazz To Your Training          AddingPizzazzTraining.PDF
A bit outdated but the point is still very valid.

Training ADULT Security Officers: The principles of Adult Education          AdultTraining.PDF
Paper presented at the Smithsonian’s National Conference on Cultural Property Protection

Programmed Training          ProgrammedTraining.PDF
Paper presented at the Smithsonian’s National Conference on Cultural Property Protection

Security Training: Why We Have Failures          TrainingFailures.PDFPaper presented at the Smithsonian’s National Conference on Cultural Property Protection

Training The Security Officer: A Museum’s Special Needs          TrainingTheSecurityOff.PDF

Department of Homeland Security Training Resources:

DHS has some good programs. Check them out here and there are others you can get to from their website:

Humorous Materials That You May Enjoy

The Invisa-Series security product.       See Humor.
These product cut sheets are for make believe products we wish we had invented because curators and architects everywhere would buy them. Enjoy the joke.

Ideal Security in the Ideal Museum the way the Security Manager Would Like It To Be
This also includes the museum the way the curator would like to see it. We want Patriot missiles on the roof; they want petunias as a security hedge. We want first class security and they want prisoners on a work release program as custodians to save money. You get the point. This looks great if printed on an 11” by 17” printer and posted on your bulletin board!

Quotations of Note

Here are some quotations by famous people about art. Great for a staff meeting.

Harry Jackson was a famous artist from Wyoming who specialized in Western art. He came to the Art Institute of Chicago in 1979 or 1980 and Steve Keller was hosting a group of about 30 museum security directors from around the U.S. for a symposium sponsored by the University of Minnesota. Steve invited him to stay for dinner and share his wisdom about museum security and guards from an artist’s perspective. We expected him to make the typical remarks critical of us and unappreciative of our mission but we were wrong. Harry said something truly profound and Steve Keller wrote it down and made this sign which he displayed on his office wall for many years. It is perfect for the office wall of any museum security manager and is worth framing.     HJacksonQuote.pdf

What is perfect security?  This is a good sign to display.     perfectsecuritysignrev06.pdf


Steve put these signs together in about 1990 and they have been requested by people ever since then. As he travels, he still sees them posted in security offices around the country. Here they are again. Print and enjoy.                SecuritySignsrev06.pdf

The Ufizzi Museum in Florence was bombed years ago and Steve made this quote into a sign. With all of the terrorism threats today we’ve revived this sign.    Ufizzirev06.pdf

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