About Architect’s Security Group

In 1986 Steve Keller founded a security consulting firm Steve Keller & Associates, Inc. Alicia Ricci, an architect, joined the firm in 2000 and Steve Swen, an electronics engineer, in 2006. In 2006 the company was acquired by Contemporary Group of Northridge, California, and became a division of Cultural Property Protection Group. The company specialized in projects involving museums, libraries, cultural and historic properties and private collections and is the leading firm in this specialty.

In 2009, Contemporary Group, a company that had previously specialized in sports and entertainment security, made a business decision to discontinue its emphasis on cultural institutions and return to its roots by divesting some of its subsidiaries, and the opportunity arose for the employees of Steve Keller & Associates to become a fully employee-owned firm. At that time, the three partners with wide ranging experience, decided to expand the reach of the firm from one that provided services only for cultural institutions and their architects to one that specializes in security consulting and system design work for architects and engineers regardless of the type of project. They continue to serve the cultural institution community as well.

During the previous 23 years the company had worked with some of the world’s most renowned architects and won praise for the quality and value of their work. During this time the security profession--and the expertise of the Principals--grew. Twenty years ago, “security” meant specifying an alarm panel and the building locking hardware.  Today, security consulting requires expertise in computer security, computer network engineering, sustainable design, anti-terrorism design standards, and a growing body of specialized standards. A modern security consulting firm must understand the construction process and must be able to offer a range of services from spec writing to advanced AutoCAD services.

In 2009, Architect’s Security Group began operations but clients can be assured that its principals are the same people they have relied on for quality service and in-depth expertise for many years before at Steve Keller & Associates. We still have our leadership and expertise in the design of security systems for cultural institutions but we now provide services in other environments.

And just a word about the environments we service.  We have expertise in a variety of security specialties and we have at our disposal a number of well-known security professionals with detailed knowledge in the fields we lack in-house experience in ourselves. Nevertheless, there are some environments we will not venture into. We know our limitations. And this is to your advantage. Unlike some firms that will claim expertise in highly specialized fields like prison security, we will readily walk away from any project we feel we can’t properly handle or have no experience in. And by the way, we remain the Nation’s leading security consulting firm in the field of cultural institution security.

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